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TWITTER: @tadiguess
DISCORD: Tad I Guess#0797

My name is Tad Peters, or Tad I Guess, and I make cool stuff on the internet.

This website is a collection of everything I've made the past couple of years, including all of my webcomics, YouTube videos, and games.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments! 

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New Stuff

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Comic Cat

Comic Cat Zero


October House

Umbrella Bird

Tail Thing

Awesome Alien

One Off Comics

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12/18 Apple Jacks Commercials History

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Tad I Guess On YT

History Of Rollers


Battleship Posting


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10/14 Hamtaro 2003 Burger King Toys

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10/2 Why Are VHS Tapes Creepy?

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1/23 Tombstone #2-3: Stranded

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12/1 Cooking With Gabble #5: Leftovers

Featured Videos

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Scooby Doo Meets Blair Witch

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The Thing: Arizona's Weirdest Tourist Trap

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Cooking With Gabble

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Coming Soon

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Coming Soon

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