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Comic Cat Zero
October House
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Umbrella Bird
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Awesome Alien
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Tail Thing
Superstar Bubbles
Superstar Bubbles is a comic I made for a three hour level jam I did with some friends.  The theme was "stars".  The comic was created on May 14, 2022.  I may make this into a series at some point!
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Comic Cat
Comic and his friends attempt to run a comic strip, but things tend to go horribly wrong.  Comic Cat is a very self aware an experimental comic strip.  It's been running since late 2018 and is currently on hiatus.
Every October the portal between the monster world and the human world opens.  A group of monsters come every year and run a haunted house for the month.  The strip ran throughout October 2021, and is currently running throughout October of this year.
Garbonzo Goofoo has travelled to Earth from Planet Awesome to do magic tricks, but doesn't understand humans enough to get it right.  The comic was made in 2022 during a three hour comic jam.
Tail Thing is a funny little guy who does stuff sometimes.  The comic began in 2020.  There is no schedule for the strip, they release whenever I feel like making one.
Thomas Tombstone is dead... but he's not quite ready to admit that yet.  Mr. Tombstone tries to live his life as a very normal human being who is absolutely not a reanimated skeleton.  Part 1 has concluded and the series is on break until part 2 later in the year.
Comic Cat Zero is a prequel to the Comic Cat series, taking place during the old timeline seen in Comic Cat season 2. All of the comics in this series are panel by panel recreations of the original Comic Cat comics I made in 2006.  I combined the original art style and modernized it slightly, but kept all spelling errors.
Umbrella Bird is a comic I created on June 14, 2022 for a comic jam I hosted.  We had three hours to come up with a comic based on a randomized theme, which ended up being "umbrella", so I made a comic based on a quail.
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