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The History Of Rollers

This is a full length documentary I made about the history of the roller level genre in the Platform Racing games from 2017-2022.  It covers the genre's origins and rise in popularity, several of the events and notable levels throughout the years, and interviews from members of the community.

Featuring Interviews From

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Tad I Guess

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Additional Help

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Camer The Dragon





Platform Racing 3 Levels Featured

Platform Racing 2 Levels Featured

Super DM by Gasterskyraw

Jungle Deathmatch Remake by FlashRock25

True Tournament (Max 32 Players) by Gasterskyraw

Rocko Watches Idiots Play PR3 by TadTad

Lone Wolf by DuFl3y

Arctic Adventure by Nutty171

Get Fredkd Deathmatch 3 by TadTad

Icy Deathmatch by Azyssd

Fast Green Deathmatch by SuperGuy0173

Quest For Deodorant by TheBlackBigfoot

[8] Team DM by Killer

Liberal Deathmatch by Logan66677

Secum DM by Isokissa3

Poop by Hope

Autumn Treetops by TadTad

Frogpole Hotel Adventure by TadTad

IceThatsCool's Nice Pool by IceThatsCool

Brimstone Deathmatch by Trash

Purple Deathmatch by Azyssd

Rollerdesert 2 by Superguy0173

Endurance by Arik1

Rollerdesert by Superguy0173

Rollerdesert 3 by Superguy0173

Rollerdesert Loop by Superguy0173

Jungle Deathmatch by TadTad

Rollerspace by DuFl3y

Rollergarfeolooldpip by TadTad

Adventure Island by LP9

Avocado Hell: Evolution by TadTad

A Ricksy Escape by Mist

Dark World by Gasterskyraw

A Buddhist Temple by John3

Last Voyage by DuFl3y

Chamber (1P) [Remastered] by RMXdotEXE

Rollerrummyrowtatowtooie by TadTad

Tilfeldighetsskogskrigerne by XGuest

Densetsu No Stafy - Mysterious Powers by Cade642

Avoid Red (Hp traps) Remake 2 by Cheese

Secum by Isokissa3

Minematch by GreenViceroy

Ultimate Roller: Rollercast Episode One by TadTad

Bumb World Deluxe by IceThatsCool

Bumb World by IceThatsCool

PR3 Legends Deathmatch by TadTad

PR3 Legends But It's A Roller Levels by TadTad

Classic Roller by Cade642

Rollerdesert Glitches by Superguy0173

Mobile Roller by DuFl3y

Rollercast Episode 2 Leaked by Flashrock25

Rollerrome by XGuest

Disapointment Roler (XLA Dispointmen Phertion) by Mymsm

Jroller Factory by Ordo9

Cola Rollin' by Camer_The_Dragon

[Extended] Cola Rollin' Horrific Version by Camer_The_Dragon

Vast Roller by Cade642

Thanucios Pizzeria by IceThatsCool

Swaffle: Loopy Gloopy Rolleroopsie by TadTad

History Of Film Roller by TadTad

Wubbzy Roller (Short) by CrystalKing64

My Apologies 1 by CrystalKing64

My Apologies 2 by CrystalKing64

My Apologies 3 by CrystalKing64

Super Roller Bros by Trash

Fuck You Roller 2 by PizzaEater1000

Pizza's Swoller Roller by PizzaEater1000

Rollerrummy (Strong by TadTad

Swoller Roller Warmup by CrystalKing64

The Roller Retirement Home by IceThatsCool

Your Mother ((Owned!! by PizzaEater1000

Pineco Deathmatch by Proclifo

Baby Tad's Dungeon by TadTad

Tad Roller by Isokissa3

Squidward Dab by Astropenguin642

Idiots In A Box by Trash

PR3 Card Battle Halloween Edition by Trash

Block Shop Roller by TadTad

Wrath Of Rollerbags by TadTad

Casino Roller (Big Money by TadTad

Pac 'N Roll by TadTad

The Beginning by PizzaEater1000

Fuck You Roller 5 by PizzaEater1000

PR3R HC-Gaming Console by PizzaEater1000

Mandelbrot Generator Color by PizzaEater1000

Waterollin' by CrystalKing64

FYR Infinity by PizzaEater1000

Fuck You Roller 3 by PizzaEater1000

Fuck You Roller 4 by PizzaEater1000

The Roller Retirement Home Deluxe Edition!! by IceThatsCool

Test Superroller by Gasterskyraw

Fuck You Roller 1 by PizzaEater1000

Reality By TadTad by Nudynapudy

TadTad Safety Adventure. by Nudynapudy

Burning Data Center Escape by Trash

Amonugs Roller! by PizzaEater1000

Petter Uteliggers Telt by XGuest

Scribbly Scuffle by CrystalKing64

Super Avocado Hell by TadTad

My Apologies 4 by CrystalKing64

The Grand Tour. by TadTad

The Grand Tour. ((Cheater Edition by TadTad

Build Your Gun (Lua) by Gasterskyraw

Hope DM by Killer

Spleef by Trash

AFK Roller by CrystalKing64

Vessel Deathmatch by Gasterskyraw

Peculiar Kitchen by Trash

PR3 Card Battle Winter Edition by Trash

Roller Collab by DuFl3y
Space Cow by PizzaEater1000

Scary Roller Eek!!!!!! :O :O :O by TadTad

PR2 Is Better Roller by TadTad

Many Despicatble Mesnt by TadTad

TadTad Hotel Remake by TadTad

Chromium by xXsuper3Xx

Wee by wierdstuff2

Swordsman VII by DM Pro

Hotel Rock by PooZy

how to make a hat machine by mapleleaf

Journey To Fred by RidePonyRide

The Islands In The Sky by SouthWind



EXP Grind lll by Arcaninesy

RvsB, a Colonel's Sacrifice by Mf Eclipse

Trapz by parker828

pr2 roller lmao gottem by Camer999

MY FIRST ROLLER by killerwhale05

It's London! by Camer999

roller (epic by TadTad

razor blade by zerostar(oO)

Roller Of Funny by Pizzaeater1000

Roller Of Funny 2 by Pizzaeater1000

ha ha epic pr2 roller by Blaz

Ocean Trapwork by Pizzaeater1000

The Epic Adventure by parker828

Zerostar(¬¬) by zerostar(oO)

TadTad Hotel Remake by TadTad

NINJA CLAN by deathevilmistrif

Eggroller (Funny by TadTad

please by bls1999

Egg Hunt Fun by Sanzep

Hat Factory by Jiggmin

Pr3's Randomness by Pr3 Kings

Soul Temple by julls

Mario Bros remix v.1.3 (time attack) by zerostar(oO)

Newbieland 2 by Jiggmin

Classic Traps by Devious Shadows

Frust. by -Shadowfax-

pr3 servers be like by Pizzaeater1000

so much fun by airha

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