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I've made a lot of videos!  Click an icon to watch some of them.

tad icon.jpg

Tad I Guess

I make videos about weird, obscure media that I'm for some reason very passionate about.

battleship icon.jpg

Battleship Posting

A shared channel where we upload dumb edits and purposely bad videos (and a few accidentally good ones!

spaghetti johnson.png

Spaghetti Johnson Saga

Exploring the world of online social media sites under the alias of Spaghetti Johnson.

car guy icon.jpg


Some animated shorts that I've made based on old comics.

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My Music

A collection of music I've made for various games and videos.

The History Of Rollers.jpg

The History Of Roller Levels: A Platform Racing Documentary

A full, two hour documentary covering the events of the roller community in the Platform Racing series of games from 2017-2022.  Everything from the origin of the term "roller", to the various contests and events, to a group's struggle to overcome an impossible task, featuring interviews with members of the community.

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