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Welcome To The New!

Happy Thursday everyone! A ton of new stuff to share with you today.

The big news that you've probably already heard about by now: Comic Cat Season One has been completely remade from scratch and is available today! The first season is so iconic, and I'm glad to finally have given it the look it deserves. There's even a brand new strip included!

The whole thing's on the Comic Cat page here on, but you can also check it out on either or

Aside from that, the site's gotten a bit of a makeover! The home page looks a bit nicer, Flash Chronicles and Rollercast now have minisites, and there's this lovely new blog of course.

I also released the Roller Documentary yesterday, which you should totally go watch:

I'm going to be doing a ton of further updates to the site in the coming weeks, and I might even show off a secret project or two! If you have any suggestions for the site, please let me know!

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