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  • August 3: The RollerRummy drawing is created in Platform Racing 3 Reborn.

  • August 7: The level Avocado Hell is published in Platform Racing 3, the first public appearance of Tail Thing.

  • January 17: Drawing Bad Garfields is uploaded, the first video on the Tad I Guess YouTube channel.

  • ​March 11: The first episode of Rollercast is uploaded.​

  • March 23: The art piece "A Whole Life Ahead Of You" is created, being the first appearance of The Chronicler.

  • June 21: The art piece "State of Constant Nostalgia" is created, which would be used as the server icon on the Discord server, and the first appearance of the character Discord.​​

  • July 19: The Tad I Guess Discord goes up.

  • July 27: Day Of The Pipe Strip: Every 7/27 Garfield Comic is uploaded, the biggest video I had made so far.

  • August 19: Version one of goes live.

  • November 2: Comic Cat season one begins.

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